​That Eduard Kohn was a prodigious drunk.He wore eyeglasses of glistening prisms and watchedthe world through them as if through a rainbow.

Our history

 Autumn Hill Books began 2005 with a small but important goal: to bring more contemporary world literature to the English language market, where literature in translation is still woefully scarce.

I want to make this clear, I translate with an accent, I’m not trying to hide it, and I think it works because Croatian literature is small and the accent gives it something of its own, something that makes it different from literature originally written in English and perhaps makes it stand out more.

When I approached, you were arguing over the phrase I had heard from across the room. You interrupted yourself mid-sentence and we burst out laughing while your audience looked on, perplexed. It was five or six years ago, I don’t know anymore. You said, We’re not far from the sea, let’s go, and we left.​