"Sokgan has never understood how that scrawny, feeble man who promised her a new life in the city could have the strength after an arduous workday to pedal another eleven kilometers to the brothels of Svay Pak, on the outskirts of the city, to spend his day’s earnings there. But it’s too late now for regrets. She is lying naked, too weak to feign modesty about the body she no longer recognizes as her own, in a room on the third floor of the Russian hospital in Phnom Penh."

Our history

 Autumn Hill Books began 2005 with a small but important goal: to bring more contemporary world literature to the English language market, where literature in translation is still woefully scarce.

A selection of seventy-one poems by Korean author Taejoon Moon, these short, reflective poems shine a light on the ordinary aspects of everyday life through Moon’s keen observations of his surroundings combined with his use of rich detail.

" Teaching the English-language writing skills is the hardest part. Can you write a line of dialogue like Tom Stoppard, or create lines of poetry like W.S. Merwin, or sentences like Joyce? Learning to do that is what it takes to make good translated drama or poetry or prose fiction."