Alison Anderson grew up in a university town on the East Coast, but quite young in life figured out she didn’t belong there, and spent as much time as she could in Europe, (primarily in Switzerland but also in Greece, France and England), where she acquired the usual life adventures, and then some: foreign languages, ski accidents, university degrees in French, Russian, and translation, English teaching positions in Athenian suburbs and French fishing villages, a husband and a love of literature. And above all, a perfectly lovely daughter. 

Following her return to the United States after 20 years abroad more adventures ensued: life on a sailboat in the San Francisco Bay, a sailing trip to Mexico, a first novel published, a divorce, a year off teaching English in Zagreb, then finally a more settled existence in a leafy Northern California town, with almost enough time to write, translate, and travel as often as possible to her old haunts.

She is the author of the novels, Darwin's Wink and Hidden Latitudes. She received a National Endowment for the Arts Literature Fellowship for her translations of the works by Christian Bobin. She now lives in a small village in French-speaking Switzerland.