David Jiménez (Barcelona, 1971) is an award-winning journalist and writer. He is the Asia Bureau Chief for Spain's leading newspaper El Mundo and has been a contributor for CNN and BBC, the newspapers The Guardian, Corriere della Sera, Toronto Star and The Sunday Times, the magazine The Squire and others.

Jiménez has covered the main events in Asia for the last 15 years. His coverage includes the conflicts in Afghanistan, Kashmir and East Timor, popular uprising in Philippines, Burma or Nepal and the great tsunamis of the Indian and Pacific oceans in 2004 and 2011. He has reported twice from inside North Korea.  

He is author of two books, El Botones de Kabul (The Bellhop of Kabul), a novel inspired by his coverage of the Afghan, and Hijos del Monzón (Children of the Monsoon), which was awarded Best Travel Book of the Year in Spain and has been translated into several languages.