ISBN  9780982746639 
84 pages | paperback | $8.95 US
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The Growth of a Shadow: Selected Poems by Taejoon Moon 

Translated from the Korean by Won-Chung Kim and Christopher Merrill

A selection of seventy-one poems by Korean author Taejoon Moon, these short, reflective poems shine a light on the ordinary aspects of everyday life through Moon’s keen observations of his surroundings combined with his use of rich detail. From a woman struggling with cancer to a flower dying in a pot, Moon’s profound engagement with the world around him encourages the same in his readers, prodding a gentle, grateful appreciation of the beauty and simplicity of everyday life.

Taejoon Moon was born in Kimcheon in 1970 and studied Korean literature in college. He has published four volumes of poems: Murmuring Backyard (2000),Naked Foot (2004), Flatfish (2006), andThe Growth of a Shadow (2008). Moon has received the East and West Literary Award, the Nojak Literary Award, the Yoosim Literary Award, and the Midang Literary Award, Korea's most prestigious literary prize.

This book was made possible by a generous grant from the Korean Literary Translation Institute.