By José eugenio sanchez

Translated from the Spanish by Anna Rosenwong

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ISBN: 9780998740027

101 pages / paperback / $12.00

cover design: Justin Angeles based a concept by Anna Rosenwong

Here the Sun's for real

Selected Poems

Intensely contemporary and aggressively playful, this collection of poetry lives in the borderlands: between Mexico and the United States, between art history and rock, and between criticism and camp. The translation by acclaimed translator Anna Rosenwong gathers together selections from four books by the Mexican poet José Eugenio Sánchez, a self-described “underclown” whose poetry is influenced as much by art history and classical music, as it is by rock music and politics. While always culturally and politically engaged, this book is also marked by a sincere love for American culture, a delight in profanity, and, perhaps most refreshing, a goofball sense of humor.

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